Accessible content

We need to design content that's accessible and inclusive to everyone. For more specific accessibility guidance, go to our accessibility section.

Design with screen readers in mind

A screen reader allows people who are blind or visually impaired to use our digital products. Screen readers can read out the words on the screen and navigate content in multiple ways.

While sighted users can take in many visual cues when scanning a page, screen readers can only tell people one piece of information at a time. So when designing content, think about how it would be read aloud by a screen reader.

All of the content needed to complete an action should be clearly labelled for screen reader users.

When there is no visible text on screen, provide a descriptive text alternative for all buttons, links and controls to convey meaning for screen reader users.
Give descriptive alt text for images and don't use images of text.
Don't refer to where things physically are on the screen.
Don't use generic link text like 'click here'.

Don't make things sound easy

It's important that we don't assume things will be easy for people, as this won't be the case for everyone.

So avoid words like "easy", "quick" or "simple" in content. Instead try to be specific about how an action is completed or the benefits of completing the action.

Send an invoice in 3 steps
Create an account for a personalised experience
Collect your order at the collection point
Send an invoice in 3 simple steps
Creating an account is quick and easy
Collecting your order is a piece of cake

We should also avoid words like "just", "simply" or "only". We use these words a lot when we're trying to minimise the effort or impact of our content and make things sound easy.

So we might say "just send us an email" in our content. But for a variety of reasons, sending an email is not something that a lot of people can 'just' do.

Give us your account details
Your delivery cost is £4.99
Call our Help Centre
Simply give us your account details
Your delivery cost is only £4.99
Just pick up the phone and contact our Help Centre

When setting expectations in content, avoid saying how long something should take to complete, as again this won't be the same for everyone.

Our feedback survey has 10 multiple choice questions
Our feedback survey will take just 2 minutes to complete

Use inclusive language

Using inclusive language means choosing words that are respectful and considerate. So always use gender neutral terms over gendered ones.

Gender neutral terms

You should avoid referencing gender, age, disability, ethnicity or religion unless it's absolutely relevant to the content you're producing.

If you do need to talk about any of these things, it's important to remember that people don't always agree on what are the most inclusive terms and they can change over time.

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