Habitat voice guidelines

When writing digital interactions for Habitat, follow these UX-specific voice guidelines to make sure your words always sound like Habitat. For the full guidance, read the Habitat brand guidelines.

Habitat's brand voice

Like a good sofa, Habitat's brand voice is comfy and colourful.

That’s the feeling they want their customers to get from their writing. That Habitat is there for them, easy to settle into and read. But with a splash of colour that brightens their day.


Warm. Friendly. Welcoming. And easy to read.

Comfy is all about understanding the reader. They’re busy. They’ve got their own style. But they’re also excited.


Playful, bright and full of life.

Colourful is all about playing around with language. Make it a joy to read. So show some personality. Be creative. And have fun writing it.

How to sound comfy

Keep it short, and watch out for repetition.

Like this
From leather sofas to contemporary styles, your sofa search starts here.
Not this
You're looking for the sofa of the century - the comfy spot where you'll watch movies and inhale popcorn. Well, you’ve come to the right place. From leather sofas to modern velvet and contemporary styles, your sofa search starts and ends here.

Use natural, chatty language, like how you’d speak to a friend.

Like this
Tell us about yourself.
Not this
Provide the following details to continue.

Use words that feel warm and comfortable without being overbearing.

Like this
Tell us about yourself
Already registered?If you’ve got an account, you can sign in here.
Not this
Provide the following details to continue
You’re back!We’re so glad to see you again. Sign in here.

Go easy on the sell. Think about what the reader really cares about, showing off features but avoiding empty phrases.

Like this
Do you want marketing from us?We’ll send you news on our latest collections and offers.
Not this
Opt in to marketingAs a valued Habitat customer, we don’t want you to miss out on everything we’ve got to offer!

When you’re writing FAQs or tricky messages, use even more natural language and keep it short and simple.

Like this
How long does it take?About 10 working days, if it’s something small. And we’ll pop you a text the night before to make sure you’re in.
Not this
What are the estimated delivery times?Delivery typically takes up to 10 working days for smaller items. You will receive a message in advance of delivery.

How to sound colourful

Up the rhythm with short sentences.

Like this
Sign in for more. We can show you past and current orders.
Not this
Sign in to your account for more information on your past and current orders.

Give your writing personality and introduce unexpected moments. You can play with sound using alliteration or rhyme, or use unexpected phrases. But make sure it’s appropriate for the message.

Like this
A little leeway during lockdownAnything you bought since 18 October 2020, you have until 24 January 2021 to return.
Not this
Amends to our returns policy during lockdownAnything you bought since 18 October 2020, you have until 24 January 2021 to return.
Like this
Ta-dah! Your £10 voucher’s been applied.
Not this
Your £10 voucher has been applied.

Use writing devices like puns or rhetorical questions, but be careful not to overdo it. Not every sentence has to dazzle your reader.

Like this
Want it tomorrow?Good job we offer next day delivery.
Not this
Want it tomorrow?Course you do! Just tick that next day delivery. Bish bash bosh!

Use words that shout ‘can do’.

Like this
Want to return it?We’ve got easy at-home collection and speedy refunds.
Not this
Returns informationWe can collect from your home, and refunds are processed quickly.

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