Nectar voice guidelines

When writing digital interactions for Nectar, follow these UX-specific voice guidelines to make sure your words always sound like Nectar. For the full guidance, read the Nectar brand guidelines.

Nectar's brand voice

Nectar are the savvy friend who’s always ready to point you in the right direction – whether that’s the heads up on a good deal, something you need in a hurry, or the next big thing. Nectar should sound:

Down to earth

Nectar are friendly and informal, using the most widely understood terms.

In the know

Nectar are there to lend a hand with anything: from T&Cs, to using a new QR code. But they make sure never to patronise or verge on irritating.

A bit cheeky

Nectar are full of life, so every now and again they’ll try and tempt you into having fun or doing something different.

How to sound down to earth

Use everyday language that feels warm instead of sounding cold and robotic.

Pop in your card number and we’ll do the rest
Please enter your Nectar card details, then press 'continue'

It’s okay to use little colloquialisms that aren’t proper words, as long as you're not trying too hard.

Ooh look at all those Nectar points
Oioi! You’re in the money now

Use inclusive pronouns that help Nectar feel friendlier. They don’t want to sound distant and formal.

Argos has joined the familyWe’re excited to announce our newest partner, Argos.
A new partnership with ArgosNectar is proud to announce Argos as its newest partner.

How to sound in the know

Make people feel like Nectar are giving them a helpful heads up, but don’t be patronising or condescending.

Grab every Nectar-filled opportunityHere’s a quick refresh of all the brands you can collect and spend with.
You’re good to goLooks like you’ve got enough points for £5 off your next shop.
Did you know?Only 10% of our customers are using Nectar to its full potential. Are you one of them?
Your discount is waitingWhy haven’t you used your £5 off yet?

Simplify wherever possible to make things clear and helpful. Don’t overcomplicate things by using long-winded sentences.

Scan your digital card in-store by opening the app and tapping ‘Card’. (Your plastic card’s still fine to use if you’d prefer.)
Use the New Nectar app in-store to collect points with your digital card, or continue to use your existing card when prompted at the till.

How to sound a bit cheeky

Add a touch of playfulness every now and again, but don’t be too weird or sarcastic.

+100 points on any toilet tissueDon’t say we don’t treat you.
It’s a bit like getting something for nothing.
There, that wasn’t so hard+100 points coming your way.
Find Nectar points in places you’d never dream of.

Don’t sound cynical or use slang that not everyone will understand.

Do your thing. Get more Nectar points.
60 points for stuff you were buying anyway. It’s amazing everyone doesn’t do this.

Nectar's terminology


Nectar always use a capital N when writing ‘Nectar’ in text. That’s the same if they’re talking about ‘Nectar points’ or introducing ‘the new Nectar’ or referencing the ‘Nectar’ brand in press releases.

Spending Nectar points

When talking about someone using their Nectar points, use the word ‘spend’ or one of these interchangeable terms:

  • Swap
  • Turn
  • Splash
  • Splurge

Collecting Nectar points

When talking about someone collecting Nectar points, don't use terms like 'earn' as they make collecting Nectar points seems like hard work. Instead, use the word ‘collect’ or one of these interchangeable terms:

  • Get
  • Grab
  • Top up
  • Swipe
  • Fill up
  • Bag
  • Win

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